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SWISSGOLDEN | How it works

Yes, Swissgolden posts will be a regular thing around here for now, since it's a business i've invested into and would like to carry some of you along with me as well.

In this post, i would explain in clear terms how the bonus program works.....

While some big companies churn out millions to advertising companies to put them out there, some companies like Swissgolden prefer to pay very attractive bonuses to individuals like you and me to work with them as advertising partners and get people to invest with them.

Now, in the bonus program, there are 5 tables...

The Starter table ( Register with 75euros)
The Preliminary table (Register with 220euros)
The Main table (Register with 720euros)
The VIP table (Register with 2,800euros)
The VIP plus table (Register with 9,850euros)

In Naira, the Starter table registration fee is N45,000 and the Preliminary table registration fee is N125,000. Most investors start from either of these two tables (Note that the fees are liable to change due to the fluctuating exchange rate).

So each of the tables are made up of 7 cells/slots, and once your table is complete, you are paid a bonus for your efforts.

NOTE : You are to complete at least 3 rounds of the Starter table, the Main table, the Vip table and the VIP plus table. This means that when you cycle out of the table once and you are paid, you are to cycle out of the table two more times. However, after the 3 rounds, you can remain on that table and earn over and over if you choose.


This is how....

When you sign up as a partner, you are obligated to bring two investors to sign up under you. Those two people will each bring their two, and their two will also bring two each as well. That completes the table you are heading and you get paid a handsome bonus.


The bonus you are paid depends on the table you complete.

When you complete the Starter table, you get paid 260euros.

When you complete the Preliminary table, you get paid 800euros, but you can't cash it out. The company takes 720euros from it and places you on the Main table where you start earning big. So in essence, the preliminary table helps you raise money to start the business on the main table since you don't have 720euros that you are not using *looool!*. However if you have 720euros, you can bypass the Starter and the Preliminary tables and then register and start directly on the main table.

When you complete the first round of the Main table (remember that you are to complete at least 3 rounds), you are paid 2,100euros which is about N1.1m. Complete the second round and cash out another 2,100euros (another N1.1m). Complete the third round and cash out 2,800euros.

After completing the 3 rounds of the main table, you can choose to remain on the main table and keep earning their bonus for life, but if you want, you can upgrade to the VIP table.

The next table is the VIP table. You place your order on the VIP table with the sum of 2,800euros ..... don't worry, you don't pay with your cash, the company takes it from your bonus just like they took 720euros out of your 800euros preliminary bonus to place you on the main table.

Now, when you complete the first round of the VIP table, you are paid about 9,300euros. Complete the second cycle and cash out another 9,300euros. Complete the third cycle and cash out yet another bonus of 9,300euros. All together, thats a total of 28,000euros which is about N14,616,000 *Trust me....some Nigerians like you and i have earned such amount from Swissgolden! Truth*.

Finally, you can upgrade to the VIP plus table (the mother of all tables!) with the sum of 9,850euros *remember that it is taken from your bonus*. When you complete the first cycle, you are paid a bonus of 32,600euros. Second round, another 32,600euros, third round and you cash out another 32,600....do the maths, thats a total of 98,000euros which is N51,156,000!!!

Please how much did you invest again? N125,000 abi?


Now, how fast you earn your bonus depends on how fast your tables get completed. If you get your two downlines and they are not so active, you can help them get their two downlines.....that way, you complete your table faster. Someone in Swissgolden (a banker) earned his first N1.1m in 3 days! Apparently, he knew a lot of people that were interested in investing in the business and he lined them up even before he signed up.

You can earn in 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months......it all depends on your pace as a team.

Oh, and if you sign up and lose interest along the way, Swissgolden refunds your money to you if you ask them to *they keep a little percentage though*.

If you are interested in investing into Swissgolden, send me a whatsapp message on 08062511430. People earn everyday from Swissgolden. The company has produced so many millionaires in Nigeria, you can be a part of it as well.

Have a good night...


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