Friday, 2 June 2017

FACE BEAT | Miss Fab

I just had to do another look with my KinkLashes. This time, 'Miss Fab' was the belle of the ball, and what a beautiful belle she was!

KinkLashes are bae! I dream about 'Pepper dem' and 'Mama di mama' sometimes *loool*.

So i went for a look that wasn't so loud, but was eye-catching at the same time. The funny thing is that i have done this exact look sometime last year, but there was something off about it, and the pictures didn't come out right, so the look didn't make it to the blog.

When i was contemplating which look to do to show off 'Miss Fab', the same 'ol look came to mind and this time it was a win.

Seriously, 'Miss Fab' is just gorgeous.



L.A Girl ProConceal in 'Toffee'


E.L.F mineral face primer
Hegai & Esther foundation in 'Carrot'
L.A Girl ProConceal in 'Toffee'
Zaron face definer palette in 'PZ 15'
Hegai & Esther powder in 'Nutmeg2'
Sonia Kashuk highlighter
Sacha buttercup powder
Zaron setting spray
M.A.C blush in 'Raizin' and Black Radiance blush in 'Spiced ginger'


Zaron eye primer
M.A.C eyeshadow in 'Brownscript'
Green and gold shimmery shadows from BH cosmetics 4th edition palette'
Zaron felt tip pen eyeliner
Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jazz'
Sonia Kashuk highlighter for brow bone
Kink Lash in 'Miss Fab'


LimeCrime liquid lipstick in 'Salem'

I have so many products lined up for review, and saved posts in my draft folder, but somehow, i've lost the will to post them or update the blog. This has been going on for a while now, hence the lack of activity here. Let's hope that this passes soon though *fingers crossed*.

Have a good evening....


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  1. Gorgeous! My 2nd best look of you after that brown look.


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