Monday, 24 July 2017

FACE BEAT | Blissful Blue

Yesterday, my one-on-one student didn't come for her training session so i decided to beat my face since i can't even remember the last time i did that.

You really get rusty if you stop took me longer than usual to complete this look. For the look i had in mind, it had to be a pop of blue or green...i settled for blue.

So i needed to try out metallic gold lips and i didn't have a lip colour in that shade, which meant that i had to improvise. I used a Milani lip flash i was gifted early this year and Sonia Kashuk highlighter to get the metallic lips.



Browlution pencil
L.A Girl ProConcealer in 'Toffee'


E.L.F mineral face primer
Hegai & Esther Foundation in 'Carrot'
Hegai & Esther face powder in 'Nutmeg 2'
L.A Girl ProConcealer in 'Toffee'
Zaron face definer palette in 'PZ15'
Sacha buttercup contour powder
Sonia Kashuk highlighter


NYX eyeshadow base in skintone
M.A.C eyeshadow in 'Brown script'
Morphe eyeshadow palette in 35N
Blue eyeshadow from my mini Beauty treats palette
Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jazz'
Zaron felt tip pen eyeliner
Beauty Kink eyelashes in 'Miss Saucy'


M.A.C Lipliner in 'Chestnut'
Milani lip flash in '01'
Sonia Kashuk highlighter all over my lips


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