Tuesday, 29 August 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | Ovelly Naturals Herbal glow soap & Moisturizing Body Butter.

I love black soap.

The last black soap i ever used was Dudu Osun, but for the past 3 weeks, I've been using the Ovelly Naturals Herbal Glow Soap and Moisturizing Body Butter.

Ovelly Naturals is a Nigerian skin care brand, and i was sent the Body butter and the herbal glow soap. I was especially excited about the glow soap because it´s a black soap and its made from natural ingredients.

The soap comes in a 500grams plastic container with a screw-on lid. It has a sweet smell which i really like, and a little of this soap goes a long way. And i like the way it lathers as well.

It doesn´t come in solid form like some black soaps do, rather, it has a liquid but thick consistency. It is not smooth either....it´s rough as a result of the natural ingredients inside it.

I would say that my skin got a little bit brighter.....just a little bit, and i like the fact that i can actually wash my body and my face with the soap without my face getting dried out. As in, my face doesn´t get really tight and develop dry patches like it always does when i use certain soaps to wash it.

This is what the Herbal Glow soap looks like. 

The Moisturizing Body Butter on the other hand is Whipped shea butter. It comes in a 400 grams plastic container with a screw-on lid as well. The Body Butter is soft and melts easily when rubbed on the palms. However, you have to really rub it to get it into the skin....that´s the problem i had with it......not just with the Ovelly Body Butter, but it´s a problem i have with Shea butter in general. I stopped using it for myself and started using it for my kids instead.

The Ovelly Naturals Moisturizing Body butter does not have the typical shea butter smell. This one smells much better, but unfortunately, i can´t describe the smell.

What the moisturizing body butter looks like.




Moisturizing Body Butter - N3,000
Hebal Glow Soap - N3,500


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