Wednesday, 14 February 2018

FACE BEAT | Love is in the air...

It's another Valentines day abi?

I had to create a look at the last minute to celebrate the occasion. I did not plan to do it, because i already had another look that i wanted to upload today, but the problem was that the look wasn't in the Valentine colours. Shebi they said that red is the colour of love?

Purple is my own colour of love jare!

Anyway, at the last minute, i decided to do another look with red colours.....and because of that i was late for school runs *it takes a while to take good pictures and wash off the makeup*.

How did you spend your Vals day? I spent mine with my kids....doing our normal stuff.

By the way, do you like my wigs? I wore two for the benefit of this shoot, and they are both by . I love how lightweight, neat and snug their wigs are.

Order a wig and get a 5% discount when you mention NAZOR1.

Monday, 12 February 2018

PRODUCT REVIEW | Zaron Liquid Concealers

Zaron Cosmetics added some new products to their line of makeup recently. The products include liquid concealers, liquid lipsticks/lip-stains and a lengthening mascara. The lovely people at Zaron Cosmetics were gracious enough to send me some samples.

I've been so excited about them, but i had to wait for the right time to use them....and of course, i had to come here and tell you guys what i think of it *even though it's been months since i last blogged....can we please pretend that i've been here all along? pretty plsssss!*.

So i finally got to use the products yesterday, and right now, i want to let you know what i think of the liquid concealers first.

The liquid concealers come in slim tubes and they have 3 shades....The 'Light', 'Medium' and 'Deep'. I only used the shade in 'Medium' yesterday because that's the one that is a shade lighter than i am.